LeBron James dances in USA Basketball bloopers video

USA Basketball is like a month-long summer camp for the world's best hoopers. On their way to gold at the 2012 London Olympics, the NBA's best lived together, practiced together and traveled together. Given the starpower involved -- LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, etc. -- and the media attention given to the latest Dream Team incarnation, some goofy moments and inside jokes were bound to get caught on film.

The NBA has released this official "bloopers" reel from USA Basketball's gold medal march. Some of the highlights: Kevin Durant wearing a sleeping mask, Carmelo Anthony wearing a neck pillow, Russell Westbrook frustrated at Kevin Love for cutting in line for a stretch session with the training staff, Kevin Love and Blake Griffin laughing like nerds and then jumping into each other, Chris Paul telling Coach Mike Krzyzewski  that James Harden doesn't have a chin under his massive beard, Andre Iguodala talking trash to Anthony Davis about his missed jumpers, LeBron James pretending to eat a boom mic, and LeBron James dancing. 

There's a lot of LeBron James dancing.

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