LeBron James free agency rumors: James doesn't want elaborate pitches from teams this time around

The free agency of LeBron James is the biggest question on everybody's mind this summer. Where will James go? Is he going to stay in Cleveland, or will he choose to explore elsewhere and sign with the Lakers, or maybe team up with his friend Chris Paul in Houston. Even the 76ers, with their young core is an option for James at this point.

James hasn't made a decision yet, and he still has to opt out of his contract by Friday if he is going to become a free agent. Nobody knows what James is going to do except for James, but one thing that's for sure is he doesn't want to hear an elaborate speech about why he should stay, or sign elsewhere. James is keeping it simple this time around according to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne.

While James hasn't decided yet whether to pick up his player option, sources close to the situation tell ESPN that he has no intention of hearing elaborate pitch meetings from teams. 

James might meet or speak with a club official or owner at some point, but the elaborate presentations that have become common in NBA free agency over the years are unnecessary after 15 seasons in the league  

Should James become a free agent, league sources believe he and his agents Rich Paul and Mark Termini have enough understanding of the stakes and NBA landscape to handle the process without much fanfare.  

This report gives a good indication with how James is probably going to approach this free agency period. For James, there isn't much more he has to accomplish in his career in terms of his legacy. He's won three titles, brought a championship to Cleveland, and established himself as one of the greatest players ever. At this point the decision he makes for his career will be his own personal choice. It will have very little to do with what what the other team can sell him on.

James will likely approach the teams he's interested in and talk to them about what he desires. If they can accommodate that in some way then that might increase their chances at getting him. At this point, free agency is less about chasing after James and more about letting James decide where he wants to play next, because nobody is going to say no to him. If you ask James Harden about James chances of joining the Rockets, he says something similar.

It will be interesting to see how James chooses to make his final decision. In 2010, he announced it with an extremely controversial TV special. In 2014, James penned a letter in Sports Illustrated announcing his return to Cleveland. How will he announce his decision this time?

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