LeBron James free agency rumors: James flies into Los Angeles area just hours before free-agent period begins

LeBron James has been spending the early parts of his summer in the Caribbean at a house nicknamed "The Decision Cave." What James will choose to do in free agency is a mystery to everybody, but as time goes on it will start to become at least a little more clear.

The assumption right now is that two of James' leading options are to stay with the Cavaliers in Cleveland or going to Los Angeles and playing with the Lakers. Whenever he makes that decision is up to him, but he can officially start meeting with teams at midnight on Sunday. He will reportedly not be meeting with Cleveland once midnight strikes, but he could be meeting with the Lakers -- at least he'll be in the neighborhood.

A mix of people on Twitter and reddit have done some digging and found a flight set from Anguilla, where James is vacationing, to Los Angeles. ESPN later reported that James was indeed the person on that plane.

James leaving his vacation to go have a meeting with the Lakers this early in the free agency process would be a bit of a surprise, but he has indicated he wants this to be a quicker decision than it's been in the past. He doesn't want any elaborate pitch meetings. He just wants to discuss his options with the teams he is interested in.

This could be the Lakers chance to convince James that he should come to Los Angeles and play for them. And it would be a huge advantage for them considering the Cavs aren't even reported to have a meeting yet. Of course, James could always have one with them later. He could even meet with them in Los Angeles if he wants to. He does live there during the summer. 

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