LeBron James finally brought a championship to Cleveland. Yes, it's going to be a grand time of celebrations and homages to the Cavaliers star. They always said if LeBron brought a title home to Cleveland, they would build him a statue.

But first, they're taking down his sign.

With the Republican National Convention coming to town, Sherwin Williams, which allowed Nike to put up the iconic banner of James with his arms outstretched to a crowd on the side of its headquarters when James returned in 2014 to replace the old Nike "We Are Witnesses" banner, had decided to take the sign down long ago. So on July 5, the giant image of LeBron will come down:

On Monday, Sherwin Williams, stated that it will be coming down.

For now, King James head is crowned with the Champions title, leading off with a wine and gold Cavs "C." The new addition comes via a laser that projects onto the canvas.

But the RNC has slated a red, white and blue proclamation declaring -- this land is our land -- for the spot on the Sherwin Williams headquarters where LeBron now stands, arms up, over the city. Early Monday it was unclear whether the Cavs sign would stay since Cleveland won the NBA championship with James chosen as MVP.

Hopeful speculation was out that it might stay if enough RNC-goers want their picture with the king.

But later in the day, Sherwin Williams confirmed that LeBron is coming down for the RNC. But it said the banner is going to stay up for the time being so that fans could see it with the words "Champions" added.

Source: LeBron James classic sign gets an update, will RNC let the sign stay? - newsnet5.com Cleveland. Given that James could run for President at this moment in time (despite not yet being eligible due to age) and win Ohio in a landslide, people are understandably upset, and started a petition to "Leave it up!" But the company decided to follow through with its plans. However, they also announced that the sign will return some time in the fall before ring night at Quicken Loans Arena.

Sherwin-Williams Co. announced Tuesday afternoon that some time after the Republican National Convention ends next month, Nike's football-field-sized LeBron James' banner will go back up on the wall of its Downtown Cleveland world headquarters this fall.

Responding to social media questions about the fate of the banner, as well as a Change.org online petition signed by more than 4,000 people urging the company to "Leave It Up!" the Cleveland-based paint company said the current banner will come down as scheduled on July 5.

But instead of dismantling and recycling the 10-story-tall banner, Nike will resurrect LeBron James' banner at an undisclosed date some time this fall, just before the Cavaliers start their next season.

Source: Nike's LeBron James banner will go back up on Sherwin-Williams' building after the Republican National Convention | cleveland.com.

It'll be interesting to see what the new banner looks like in the fall to celebrate the city's first title in 52 years. But until then, the iconic image will be absent for the summer, even as the championship celebration continues.

The LeBron sign had some laser surgery to add 'Champions' to the image. Getty Images