LeBron James is 'all for' trolling opponents at free-throw line: 'I've done it before'

Late in Sunday evening's contest between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Detroit Pistons, Jimmy Butler went to the line for two vitally important free throws. 

With just over six seconds remaining, the Wolves were down by one, and Butler could put them in front by hitting the foul shots. Butler, however, missed both and the Pistons went on to win, 100-97. Players miss important free throws all the time, so why were Butler's misses especially newsworthy? 

Well, because between the first and second foul shots, Pistons point guard Reggie Jackson stepped towards Butler, holding up the free-throw process in an effort to distract the All-Star forward. Who knows how much his ruse actually affected Butler, but it certainly worked out well for the Pistons.

On Monday, LeBron James was asked about the move, because apparently it's his responsibility now to speak on every single somewhat important even in the league or something. And according to LeBron, trolling your opponents at the free-throw line like Jackson did on Sunday night is both good and funny.

"I've done it before," LeBron said, laughing about Jackson's gamesmanship.  "I won a playoff series before doing that actually. So, I'm all for it."

LeBron's effort at distraction came during Game 6 of the Cavs' first-round playoff series against the Washington Wizards back in 2007. On that day, LeBron psyched out Gilbert Arenas, who missed two clutch free throws, and the Cavs went on to win the game, and the series. 

So, there you have it folks. Trolling your opponents at the free throw line has the LeBron James stamp of approval, and thus is an extremely cool and good thing to do. 

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