LeBron James is not done tweeting, says the Cavs will bounce back

Still expressing anger and frustration about the lack of a proven reserve play-maker on the Cavs, LeBron James took to Twitter again on Tuesday to comment on the Cavaliers' rough stretch. Cleveland has gone 4-6 in their last 10 games. James didn't comment on the Cavs roster this time, instead he said he had faith that the team will turn things around.

This is a nice show of positivity from James and should give his teammates some reassurance that he wasn't calling them out with his previous tweets. And based on the Cavs' track record, it's easy to agree with James about Cleveland likely turning things around. After all, they are the defending champs, they're first in the Eastern Conference and have played excellent basketball for the majority of the season. This stretch of subpar play may end up just being an anomaly and one that tests the Cavs during the regular season.

But James' previous tweets are still quite relevant. The Cavs need to add another play-maker that can actually play for large portions of a game, so James and the other team's stars like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love can get adequate rest. Plus having a play-maker makes Cleveland's second unit much more potent and will make an already strong team even stronger.

Of course, it remains to be seen if the Cavs can satisfy James' desire and address their team needs with an adequate player. The pickings are a bit slim right now but perhaps GM David Griffin can work his magic and make another home run of a deal that will greatly benefit the already stellar Cavs.

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