LeBron James, Kevin Durant lead All-NBA first team

Kevin Durant and LeBron James join each other on the All-NBA first team.   (USATSI)
Kevin Durant and LeBron James join each other again on the All-NBA first team. (USATSI)

Leading the way for the NBA's prestigious All-NBA teams are LeBron James and Kevin Durant

The league announced all three teams on Thursday with James and Durant being joined by Chris Paul , Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan on the first team. 

Second-team: Russell Westbrook , Tony Parker , Carmelo Anthony , Blake Griffin and Marc Gasol

Third-team: Dwyane Wade , James Harden , Paul George , David Lee and Dwight Howard

Kobe's first-team selection is his 11th overall, tying him with Karl Malone for the most all time. It's Kobe's eight consecutive first-team selection. Duncan's first-team selection is his first since 2007, also when the Spurs won their most recent title. 

LeBron received 119 out of 119 possible first-team votes. Durant was second, receiving 102 out of 119. The media votes on All-NBA teams

Not too many qualms here, outside of maybe Stephen Curry being left off all three teams. But, then again, this was for the regular season and not the postseason. You could make a case for Westbrook as a first-teamer, but it's not a air tight. Joakim Noah was probably more deserving of third-team center than Howard, and Mike Conley definitely deserved more votes. Oh, and who in the word gave a third-team vote to JJ Hickson ?

Here are the full results:


LeBron James, Miami: (119 votes) 595 points

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City: (102) 555

Tim Duncan, San Antonio: (45) 392

Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers: (91) 521

Chris Paul, LA Clippers: (97) 537


Carmelo Anthony, New York: (24) 397

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers: 132

Marc Gasol, Memphis: (38) 295

Tony Parker, San Antonio: (16) 273

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City: (20) 306


David Lee, Golden State: 79

Paul George, Indiana: 73

Dwight Howard, LA Lakers: (17) 203

Dwyane Wade, Miami: (3) 145

James Harden, Houston: (5) 253

Also receiving votes, with point totals: Brook Lopez , Brooklyn, 132 (7 First Team votes); Stephen Curry, Golden State, 72; LaMarcus Aldridge , Portland, 62; Chris Bosh , Miami, 59 (4); Joakim Noah, Chicago, 56 (3); Zach Randolph , Memphis, 45; Al Horford , Atlanta, 31 (2); Paul Pierce , Boston, 24; Al Jefferson , Utah, 20 (1); Tyson Chandler , New York, 19 (1); Roy Hibbert , Indiana, 9; Luol Deng , Chicago, 8; Kevin Garnett , Boston, 8; Ty Lawson , Denver, 8; Josh Smith , Atlanta, 7; Deron Williams , Brooklyn, 6; Pau Gasol , LA Lakers, 4; Serge Ibaka , Oklahoma City, 4; Omer Asik , Houston, 3; Kenneth Faried , Denver, 3; Raymond Felton , New York, 3; Kyrie Irving , Cleveland, 3; Carlos Boozer , Chicago, 2; Mike Conley, Memphis, 2; David West , Indiana, 2; Rudy Gay , Toronto, 1; JJ Hickson, Portland, 1; Andre Iguodala , Denver, 1; Dirk Nowitzki , Dallas, 1; Nikola Pekovic , Minnesota, 1; Rajon Rondo , Boston, 1; Nikola Vucevic , Orlando, 1.

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