LeBron James may not be in the Finals this season, but he did win a 3-point contest against his son's AAU teammate

For the first time since 2010, LeBron James is at home instead of preparing to play in the NBA Finals. He's still one of the best basketball players in the world, though, as he proved to one of his son's ambitious AAU teammates. 

At a tournament over the weekend, Gabe Cupps, a teammate of Bronny Jr. on the North Coast Blue Chips, challenged LeBron to a 3-point contest during a break. It started out well for the youngster, who made his first three shots, but he was matched each time by the NBA legend. When Cupps missed his fourth attempt, however, it opened up a chance for LeBron, and he took advantage. 

You come at "The King," you best not miss. 

LeBron took a glance back at the youngster after defeating him

This screenshot is hilarious, especially because LeBron is looking back at that poor kid with the same sense of dismissiveness that he looked at two-time MVP Steph Curry with during that classic image from the Finals. 

Jokes aside, though, LeBron was impressed by Cupps, and gave him a nice shoutout on his Instagram page. "I got called out by my guy and in my opinion the best shooters(he can do more too) for the Class of 2023 @gcupps23 today," LeBron wrote. "Told him about a certain switch I can hit when needed and he didn't believe me. Well he found out the hard way. Still my guy Cupps nevertheless."

Even though he took the loss in the shooting contest, that's a pretty cool consolation prize for Cupps. 

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