LeBron James' NBA Finals streak was never a goal: 'It just happened that way'

Cavaliers star LeBron James streak of seven Finals appearances is one of the most impressive feats the NBA has ever seen. Most teams slip up at some point from either injury, running into the next up-and-comer or just facing general exhaustion. James, on the other hand, has managed to dodge all of that. 

If James were to make the NBA Finals again this season, that would make it eight straight appearances -- four in Miami and four in Cleveland. James was asked about his streak on Friday and if it's something that he ever intended for. He said that the streak is a result of his true goal, which is competing for a championship. Via ESPN.

"How important is it to me? It's important to me to try to compete for a championship every year," James said. "It's not like it was a goal of mine coming into the NBA, saying 'Let's have a Finals streak.' It just happened that way because I prepared myself and the teams were very prepared and good and talented to be able to compete for championships. It's just been a product of it."

James is someone that, at this point of his career, is very reflective of his legacy and what he's managed to accomplish. So it's interesting that even now he doesn't seem to show much interest in the consecutive amount of times he's made the NBA Finals. It sounds like to him each season exists on its own. Once a season ends, there's no need to consider what he accomplished in a previous one. 

He's not wrong though. Look at every decision James has made since leaving Cleveland the first time. He paired up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to win two championships in Miami. When he returned to the Cavaliers the second time it was to bring a championship home. It also helped that they had Kyrie Irving and were in position to trade for Kevin Love. The consistency between every decision he's made has been that he can put himself in contention for a title. So yes, he's been to seven straight NBA Finals and has a chance at eight. But it really is just a product of everything he's managed to put around himself. This is part of what makes James the most empowered athlete ever.

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