LeBron James on the Browns' 0-16 parade of misery: 'It's so bad that it's laughable'

LeBron James has some thoughts on the people of Cleveland throwing an 0-16 misery parade for the Browns, and those thoughts are a little bit complicated.

On one hand, LeBron seemed to derive some enjoyment from the absurdity of the whole thing. I mean, it's not every day you get to see a city take to the streets -- not in unbridled anger, but in mock celebration -- for a team that has accomplished the very difficult task of winning just a single meaningful football game in two years.

"I got a kick out of it," James told The Athletic. "I can't even sit here and say that I didn't. You know how you see some sh-- and you're like, 'That's not really happening, right?' And it's so bad that it's laughable. So when I seen the video at Browns Stadium, I was more like, 'I cannot believe this is actually happening.' And it actually happened."

It sure did happen, and it looked like a pretty wild time. It's estimated that over 3,000 people showed up to the most depressing sports parade of all time. Some of them showed up in protest, but much of the event was a union of sad people coming together to make the most of a very difficult season. Or seasons. Many seasons.

LeBron wouldn't be thrilled if Cleveland threw a mock parade for one of his teams. USATSI

But how would the Cavaliers star feel had the city responded in similar fashion to his own team? Well, that's where the complicated feelings kick in.

"F--- yeah, I'd be pissed," James said when asked how he'd feel if he were a player on the team. "But how are you going to be pissed at the fans? It's not like they don't show up. I mean, damn. It's 1-31. If our fans decided they want to have a f----- up parade and we were 1-31 the last two years? You can't be mad at that. It's f----- up. I understand that as a player, but you've got to try to fix that s---. It could be worse. How 'bout they just boycott a season until y'all win two games in a row?"

Luckily for LeBron, it seems very unlikely that any NBA team he plays on ever goes 0-82.

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