LeBron James on the hard fouls: 'I get frustrated'

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LeBron James' trademark headband might as well be a target.

As has happened many times before, LeBron was the victim of another hard foul, this one at the hands, or really, the elbows, of the Bobcats' Josh McRoberts in Game 2. The shot landed in LeBron's throat, and while he got up and knocked down two free throws, the play clearly should've been called a flagrant. It wasn't, though McRoberts was fined $20,000 a day later. 

Still, the Heat aren't satisfied with the punishment McRoberts got, with Erik Spoeltra saying he was "disappointed" in the league's decision. Via ESPN.com:

"We're all fortunate, because that play could have been much worse, and it's not the first time this has happened," Spoelstra said after Friday's practice. "We've already expressed it with the league. We disagree with this. But you have to move on and control what you can control. We've had dialogue. They made their decision."

And LeBron? He seemed to be longing for days past in the NBA when justice was more in the player's hands.

"I mean a lot to our team," said James. "Obviously, the game is different (today). If this was the 1980s, I'd come up swinging. But this is not the 80s. I can't do that. Me being out of the game, it hurts us more than it's going to hurt the other team. I've got to keep my composure. I get frustrated at times, but I understand how much I mean to this team."

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