The Cleveland Cavaliers won their 13th straight game on Wednesday night, but it wasn't as easy as they might have expected. The visiting Sacramento Kings gave the Cavs all they could handle, hanging right with them until the final seconds. Unfortunately for the Kings, they don't have LeBron James.

With the Cavs clinging to a two-point lead and time winding down, LeBron drilled a 3-pointer with 15.8 seconds to play that put his team up by five, and sealed the victory. 

And as it turns out, LeBron even called that play himself. After the game, coach Tyronn Lue said that he wanted to run a different play, but LeBron demanded the ball, so they gave it to LeBron. Via

"Was going to run a different play and then Bron said, 'I want Chicago.' So I said, 'OK,'" Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said. "We got it to him and he made a big shot. That was a huge play for us to put us up five."

"Chicago" is a reference to the time LeBron hit a game-winner over the Bulls in the 2015 playoffs. On that day, then-Cavs coach David Blatt wanted LeBron to inbound the ball with the game on the line, but LeBron had other ideas. Instead, Cleveland ran a play called "Chicago," and LeBron took the winning shot himself. On Wednesday night, he did the same thing. 

LeBron, did you ask Ty for the ball at the end?


Did the play go the way you wanted it to?


As Kyle Korver told the story, LeBron told the Cavs, "give me the ball, we're about to win."

"He's just demanding the ball," Kyle Korver added. "He's like 'give me the ball, we're about to win.' And, I've been around some guys who've had amazing years. I've been playing with him, and Derrick (Rose) when he was MVP. Allen Iverson when I was young. Guys who could just, man, amazing. But he's taken this to a whole new level."

Hey, when you're as good as LeBron James, and come through in the clutch as often as he does, sometimes you get to decide what your team's going to do down the stretch.