LeBron James passes John Stockton for third on playoff steals list

LeBron James climbed another rung on the seemingly thousands of playoff all-time leader ladders he's made his way up over the years on Sunday. The Cleveland Cavaliers star secured a steal in the first quarter of Game 2 vs. the Warriors, passing John Stockton for fourth on the all-time playoff steals list.

James now trails Magic Johnson by less than 20 steals for 3rd, and needs less than sixty to become the all-time leader in postseason steals. That's a mark that seems likely for him in future seasons.

That's a testament to how good James is in all areas of the game. He has incredible anticipation and quick hands. It's what makes him one of the best playoff players ever, despite his reputation for failure.

LeBron James is climbing another all-time list. USATSI
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