In a stunning move, the Memphis Grizzlies fired their coach David Fizdale on Monday, and no one can quite figure out why. It was a slow start, yes, but they've made the playoffs the last eight seasons. The 7-12 Grizzlies dropped the hammer, and LeBron James led the Twitter Brigade of people asking "what in the world just happened?"

A fall guy for what, you ask? Who really knows. There have been reports of Fizdale and star Marc Gasol butting heads, and when a small market team's star is unhappy they'll usually win out, but of course that's speculation. The cold hard facts boil down to no one knowing the cold hard facts, but that isn't going to stop Twitter from talking about this insanity with the confidence of someone saying the sky is blue.

Although in some cases, this just seemed a bit too bizarre to believe.

Some others got into the Cyber Monday spirit all of a sudden.

And speculation has already run rampant on where he'll end up.

Of course, it isn't a Fizdale "in memoriam" without posting his famous "take that for data" press conference.

The bottom line is that nobody knows what the final straw was. Maybe it was the slow start, maybe it was irreconcilable differences between coach and player. Whatever the case, The Grizzlies have to move on to universal confusion and scorn from the NBA world. Maybe Fizdale was a fall guy, but it feels unlikely that he'll be falling for long.