LeBron James reportedly happy in Los Angeles despite Lakers dysfunction, wants to play in city for the rest of his career

The Los Angeles Lakers are wallowing in their own dysfunction -- so much so that rumors of a potential LeBron James trade didn't sound too far-fetched when they surfaced during the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

And yet, if LeBron has his way, the superstar won't be leaving Los Angeles until he's finished playing basketball.

That's according to The Athletic's Joe Vardon, who suggested on this week's "Tampering" podcast that King James is deeply committed to L.A. after just one season with the Lakers.

"He is so happy to be living in Los Angeles," Vardon said. "This is where they want to be. LeBron does not want to play anywhere else. I would be shocked if at any point for the remainder of his career, so long as LeBron James Jr. is in high school in Greater Los Angeles, that he would have any interest in playing anywhere else."

On the surface, the sentiment is unsurprising. Why, after all, would LeBron sign a four-year, $154 million deal at age 34 if he didn't intend to be in Los Angeles for at least a couple seasons? L.A. is also an entertainment hub, and James has not been shy about embracing his flourishing business career outside of basketball.

But after a season in which: 1) Magic Johnson, the big name who recruited him away from the Cleveland Cavaliers, abruptly resigned 2) internal powers feuded over the head coach 3) they failed to land James' prized trade-deadline target 4) they backed out of a deal with James' old coach 5) they missed the playoffs for the sixth straight year... some have said it's fair to wonder whether the NBA's biggest name regrets coming to L.A.

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