We've heard plenty about the infamous team meeting the Cleveland Cavaliers had after giving up an embarrassing 148 points to the Oklahoma City Thunder in a nationally televised loss in early January. 

First, the story was that players accused Kevin Love of being sick, then we heard that it was Isaiah Thomas leading the charge against Love, though he later said he was just trying to figure out why Love left the game, since the Cavs weren't told. Then, there were reports that basically everyone in the room was yelled at by someone. And for most team meetings that would have been enough, but the Cavaliers are not most teams.

No, not at all. And so, we have yet another tidbit from that meeting, and perhaps the most interesting yet. The Kevin Love stuff was funny, but this report gives far more insight into how things are operating in Cleveland at the moment. 

According to Jason Lloyd, LeBron James cursed out two Cavs executives during the meeting, and has been growing more and more disconnected from the franchise. Via The Athletic:

James and Gilbert have no relationship. Neither do James and Altman, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation told The Athletic. Whereas Griffin would consult with James and keep him informed of major roster decisions, that is no longer happening. James doesn't trust this front office, and there is no communication now between management and star player. It perhaps played a role in James yelling and cursing at multiple front office executives during the now-famous team meeting a couple of weeks ago that began with players questioning Kevin Love's absence from a recent practice.

Multiple sources confirmed James cursed toward at least two team executives during the heated meeting. When asked about the exchange, James told The Athletic he couldn't remember everything that was said.

Well, sounds like things are going great in Cleveland!

While the off-court issues certainly aren't causing all of the problems on the floor for the Cavs, they certainly aren't helping. At this rate, it seems a minor deadline trade is not going to fix all the problems in Cleveland. 

And this also does not bode well at all for LeBron staying around this summer when he'll be a free agent again.