LeBron James recently posted a meme on Instagram about his mood and everybody freaked out about it. Fans needed to know what it means. Draymond Green got accused of trolling James' Instagram post, which Green denied, and it was one giant mystery as to what this meme of a clenched fist could mean. Well, lucky for us, James put all of this to bed with one simple answer following the Cavaliers' victory over the Bucks Tuesday night.

"I like Arthur," James said, when he was asked to explain the post after putting up 30 points, nine assists and eight rebounds against the Bucks. "That's OK, right?" 

via ESPN 

Mystery solved. Who isn't a fan of Arthur the Aardvark and his adventures through third grade at Lakewood Elementary School? For those not in the know, "Arthur" was a kid's show that started up in the mid-90's and it's still going today. It's about Arthur and his friends learning moral lessons and traversing day-to-day life.

"Arthur" is a great show. It's super positive, the theme song is fire and it has a few classic episodes such as the one where Muffy has to learn that cheating on her math test was wrong. 

"Arthur" was awesome. Going to have to agree with LeBron on this one.