During the Lakers game against the Rockets on Thursday, Avery Bradley picked off a pass from Russell Westbrook and dished the ball out to LeBron James, who was by himself on a fast break. Ever the showman, James scored on the other end with an emphatic reverse windmill dunk that got Staples Center on its feet.

Somehow, the highlight has only continued to become even more impressive after the fact. First, there was the incredible photo taken under the basket of the dunk itself. What came later was the realization from someone on the Lakers' social media team that LeBron's dunk was nearly the exact same as one the late Kobe Bryant pulled off in the early days of his career. The set up and result are identical: the player, running solo on a fast break after a turnover, takes the pass from a teammate and ends the play with a reverse windmill.

Whoever found this clip and noticed the similarities deserves a generous raise. Consider for a second just how many emphatic dunks Kobe pulled off throughout this career, and you'll realize the ability to almost immediately recall the one that matches a modern highlight to a T -- save for the opponent -- is pretty darn impressive.