LeBron James says David Fizdale's firing shocked 'everybody in the basketball world'

LeBron James was one of the first to react to the firing of David Fizdale by the Grizzlies. Fizdale was a former assistant coach of LeBron's in Miami, where he won two titles and went to four consecutive NBA Finals. Everybody who has been a part of the Heat organization speaks of Fizdale with high praise. James wasn't happy he had been fired 100 games into his head coaching career.

James, following a victory in Philadelphia, spoke about his surprise with Fizdale being fired, saying the entire basketball world was surprised by it. He obviously couldn't speak on the Grizzlies themselves, but he was able to use the moment to praise Fizdale's ability as a coach.

"Everybody in the basketball world (was surprised)....I don't know the details of it cause i'm not around. But I know the type of coach Fiz is. I know how players relate to him and I know what he stands for. Maybe that's what it was, cause he aint gonna kiss nobody a**"

James was one of many former Fizdale players to come out in support of him after the news broke. Fizdale is clearly popular with players, but there was one he reportedly wasn't on the good side of according to Matt Moore of CBS Sports, and that was Marc Gasol. That is what led to his eventual firing.

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