LeBron James voices support for players in NFL demonstrating during national anthem

There's been a sea of blowback over the last few days in response to comments from President Donald Trump -- first with his decision to rescind an invitation to the Warriors for winning the NBA championship, and later for ripping the NFL and those who kneel during the national anthem.

Trump's comments sparked demonstrations from across the NFL on Sunday, as Bills, Broncos, Browns and others players knelt arm-in-arm in response to his inflammatory comments. NBA superstar LeBron James weighed in on the actions of those who demonstrated with an encouraging word on Instagram that read: "United we stand!! #salute NFL players, coaches, owners, staff, training etc."

LeBron's comments further his trend of social activism and willingness to speak on social issues publicly. Earlier this week, the Cavs star called Trump a "bum" after he chose to rescind the White House visit invitation only after Stephen Curry said he wouldn't be attending.

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