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In what should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, LeBron James taking the Los Angeles Lakers and winning the fourth championship of his career on Sunday reignited the debate of who the greatest basketball player of all time is: LeBron or Michael Jordan? As it turns out, the comparisons seem to not just be on the mind of unoriginal fans, but also on LeBron's.

James posted a photo on his Instagram story Wednesday of himself in a dark room watching the Jordan documentary series, The Last Dance. With the photo included the caption "BACK AT IT DOING MY HOMEWORK" with an emoji of a document and a stack of books.

One of the knocks those who believe Jordan is superior to James in that debate is the difference in championships. The Bulls won six titles -- with two separate threepeats -- with Jordan, while LeBron has needed 10 finals appearances -- and three different teams -- to get his four titles. But, regardless of how he got them, the Lakers star is two championships away from tying the player he's been compared to for at least the last decade.

It would be reckless to assume that LeBron is looking at this documentary to do research on how to win championships the way that Jordan did, and present it as fact. At the same time, by saying he's doing "homework," James, one of the most accomplished players in NBA history, is tacitly admitting that there are still tings to learn as he keeps working on his craft, even 17 years into his NBA career. There are only so many things left for him to accomplish in his career that Jordan had been able to do in his, and one of those is directly tied to a recent accomplishment that just happened. So, either LeBron is trying to figure out how Jordan got his rings in the latter stages of his career, or he's trying to figure out how to deal with a PR disaster of getting caught at a casino following a postseason loss. The choice seems to be pretty obvious.