LeBron James will host teammates in Cleveland on Thanksgiving

LeBron will make sure his teammates are comfortable on Thanksgiving. (USATSI)
LeBron James will make sure his teammates are comfortable on Thanksgiving. (USATSI)

It's tough being away from home for the holidays. You want to be with your family and enjoying Thanksgiving in your own home with a nice home-cooked meal. Some athletes don't get that luxury during the season because they're on the road. The Miami Heat will be on the road during this week when they play in Cleveland on Wednesday and in Toronto on Friday. They won't be able to enjoy Thanksgiving at home in Miami.

Lucky for them, LeBron James has a home in the Cleveland area and the team has adjusted their travel plans in order to have a team Thanksgiving dinner hosted by LeBron James. James will have the team at his home on the holiday for dinner, which will be prepared by his chef and James' wife. From the Associated Press

If an upside exists to the Miami Heat having to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas on the road, a schedule quirk that the NBA champions are not happy about, it's that one of those swings is through Cleveland. Miami visits the Cavaliers on Wednesday, and altered its postgame travel schedule so James could host Thanksgiving dinner at his northeast Ohio home.

"We would have loved to have been here for the holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas being here in Miami," James said. "We don't mind playing on those holidays. Wish we could have been here, but I am happy that I'm able to do something for the team for Thanksgiving."

James has tried to address every detail, like telling the team to wear casual attire and asking Shane Battier what beer he wants with dinner. James' wife and his chef will split the cooking duties.

"We're not at home with our families for Thanksgiving but it couldn't work out any better that at least we could be in someone else's home," Miami's Dwyane Wade said. "And it's a very nice home that we're going to, so I'll make sure I'll put on the right clothes and the right socks, gotta-take-your-shoes-off-at-the-door type of house."

We know what kind of beer Shane Battier requested. 

This is a nice gesture by James for his teammates and probably something that will help them be even closer because of a holiday meal together that doesn't involve a hotel conference room. However, if they start fighting over rolls, Michael Beasley isn't passing the gravy, Mario Chalmers is insisting on cutting the turkey, Chris Bosh makes lumpy mashed potatoes, don't be surprised if the Heat fall apart and don't complete their 3-peat. 

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