LeBron may cut pregame dunks over dunk contest grumbling

The fun may have to stop, as usual. 

LeBron James had another spectacular pre-game dunk Tuesday, but after the game, he said he may be hanging the ritual up due to backlash about him doing it pre-game but not in the dunk contest. From ESPN.com: 

"Maybe I should stop because it's making a lot of people mad about what I do," James said after he scored a season-high 40 points and had a career-high 16 assists in Tuesday's double-overtime win against Sacramento. 'They're like, 'Well, if you can do it in warmups, why don't you want to be in the dunk contest? Stop it.' "

(via LeBron James of Miami Heat may stop pregame dunk routine after criticism - ESPN)

Admission: We were one of the ones to feign outrage over him pulling this kind of amazing feat in pregame but not do the contest. But we were just kidding! Kind of. Not really. But sort of!

Look, it's cool that James does these pregame. It gives the fans a show, and they're cool to watch online. And they come without the distraction, pomp, and circumstance of the dunk contest. Most important, they come without the expectations. We hope he doesn't stop. 

But man, it would just be such an epic, exciting thing to see him do this in a dunk contest. And honestly, he'd have a better shot than most because the judges and fans would want to vote for him. Everything about All-Star Weekend is a popularity contest, and LeBron is popular again. 

But instead, the scrutiny is bothering him, and we may lose this as well. It's amazing how James just dangles the talent in front of us, and we have kind of begun to love him all the more for it. 

By the way, LeBron, after that dunk, dropped 40-8-16 in a double-overtime win Miami Heat over the Kings. You know, like you do. 

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