LeBron, Wade share epic tale of their only 1-on-1 showdown: We were 'killing each other'

After a few seasons apart, good friends LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are back on the same team, thanks to Wade signing a one-year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers during the offseason. It's a move that has thus far worked out well for the Cavs, who have lost just once since Nov. 10, and are now in second place in the East at 20-8. 

It's also a move that worked out well for podcast fans, as LeBron and Wade were able to join the Road Trippin' podcast together with teammate Channing Frye. The dynamic duo was on the latest episode, and toward the end of the show, Frye asked who would win a game of 1-on-1 for $50 million. 

Wade jumps in to say that right now LeBron would easily win. Of course LeBron would beat Wade in 1-on-1 at this point in their careers. However, what was far more interesting was the story the two told of the time they actually did play each other once. 

The main points: It was after Game 1 of the 2011 Eastern Conference finals, it was extremely physical and Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra put a stop to it before they could finish the game. Via the Road Trippin' podcast, as transcribed by USA Today:

LJ: "We played 1-on-1 one time in our whole life, and it was during the finals. Eastern Conference finals 2010 (they meant the 2010-11 season, that ECF was in May 2011). Our first year."

DW: "It was more-so to set a precedent for our teammates because we got our ass kicked the game before, Game 1 by Chicago. They tore us."

LJ: "MVP Rose tore our ass up in Chicago, and we came in the next day, we was like we need to set the tone, so we was out there killing each other playing 1-on-1."

DW: "We never finished."

LJ: "We never finished. We got to the point where (head coach Erik Spoelstra) blew the whistle, like bring it in."

DW: "Everybody was just watching us. We was going at it. We competitive, we was going at it, but we was setting a tone for this is how it's gotta go. You gotta be able to go at this. We're two of the best players in this game. We going at each other in the Eastern Conference finals right now. We out there killing each other, and this is what ya'll better do tomorrow. Because we got beat on the boards by 20-something and we have to come with it, and we won four in a row."

First of all, this is an amazing story, and it's pretty amazing it hasn't come out until now. But more importantly, seeing as this was at practice, there has to be footage of this, and we absolutely have to see it -- even if it takes until these two have retired and they do a documentary about their careers. 

All that matters is we need this footage. And judging by their description of the contest it should probably just be sent to the Hall of Fame to be put on display on a running loop. 

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