Legally blind young Utah fan sees Jazz game for the first time with special glasses

The Utah Jazz's first playoff run since 2012 has touched many hearts in Utah, but likely none more so than a 7-year-old named Landon Carter. 

Carter loves the Utah Jazz but is legally blind, and thus unable to watch his team play the way most people do. The franchise decided to change that, however, inviting Carter to Game 3 of their first-round series against the Clippers and letting him use some special glasses to see the players and the court for the first time. Via KUTV:

But thanks to the Utah Jazz, Landon is getting a change to see the team he loves so much with crystal clear vision. The Jazz are testing a new technology to help visually impaired fans see the games when they come to Vivint Smart Home Arena.

Vivint and the Jazz are using a new technology provided by a company called eSight.

eSight is worn like glasses, and houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything the user is looking at, and enhances the video feed and displays it on two LED screens in front of the users' eyes.

At the Jazz-Clippers playoff game, Landon was invited to watch the players practice before the game. He was outfitted with a pair of glasses, and it was clear what he was seeing was completely new to him.

"Yeah I can see that!" he announced excitedly to his father. He was able to read signs 100 yards away, and, for the first time, to see the ball go into the basket.

This is pretty awesome. First, for the fact that technology has advanced to the point where there is a way for legally blind people to see, but also for this youngster to have been able to see his favorite team for the first time. 

Salute to the Jazz for making this happen, I'm sure it's a memory Carter will cherish. Now, hopefully the team can extend this memorable run even longer for one of its biggest fans. 

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