Do you remember Lil B? The rapper whose "curse" doomed both Kevin Durant and James Harden (supposedly) last year? Well, he's still around, apparently, and still mad at Durant, apparently.

Durant, of course, lost Game 7 of the Western Conference finals to the Golden State Warriors on Monday, despite a 3-1 series lead after Game 4. So I guess, much like how Steph Curry was "injured" when he played badly and "back" when he made shots, Durant was free of the curse when the Thunder were winning and back to cursed when they lost.

It's kind of how the NBA has become, where results tell the tale, as opposed to whatever goes into the process of events. Durant lost, so he's cursed by "The Based God," a deity invented by a hip-hop artist. Welcome to 2016.

Is Durant cursed? Lil B believes so. USATSI