NBA players taking a stab at music is nothing new. 

Kobe Bryant had a single ("K.O.B.E.") in 2000. Shaquille O'Neal released five albums back in the 1990s. And Damian Lillard dropped his debut album last year, with another one on the way. 

Now, Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo is throwing his hat in the ring. It's no secret that Oladipo has an incredible voice, as he has shown it off on numerous occasions

This, however, is his very first studio recorded track. It's called "Song For You," which is a remix of Donny Hathaway's "A Song For You." 

As you can hear, Oladipo's voice is still magnificent. 

At this point, however, Oladipo has no full album in the works. Via Complex:

We know you're a talented singer. Have you ever thought about putting a record out?

Maybe one day. I think ain't too many NBA players who are actually really good at singing. There's a lot of rappers, but not too many singers. I think it could be something special, so maybe one day.

Maybe at home games this season, the Pacers can cut down on costs and just have Oladipo perform the national anthem before every game.