Lonzo Ball says the Lakers have no problem with LaVar: 'They said they love him'

During individual workouts, NBA talent evaluators look carefully for weaknesses in a player's game: His handle, his work ethic, his conditioning. But in Lonzo Ball's case, teams are also weighing his talent against the potential distraction that his father, LaVar, could bring with him.

Lonzo worked out for the Lakers on Wednesday, and afterward he answered questions from the media. As expected, some reporters asked about LaVar and whether the Lakers mentioned him during their interview.

"They said the love him," Lonzo Ball said. "That's about it."

You can see Lonzo's full responses to the media in the video below (the question about his dad comes around the 6:15 mark).

The Lakers didn't allow LaVar to attend Lonzo's workout, but coach Luke Walton said the outspoken father would be more than welcome at dinner afterward.

Despite the controversial headlines LaVar Ball has created in the months leading up to the June 22 NBA Draft, Walton insists that the Lakers aren't worried about him being a potential distraction and that it won't affect whether they draft Lonzo with the No. 2 pick.

"No, I wouldn't [be concerned about LaVar's opinionated nature]," Walton said. "We're in the NBA, to me that's not an issue. Parents are always going to have their opinions. They're going to be outspoken at times. ... I have a very outspoken father myself. It doesn't bother me. If we were to draft him, we're going to coach him. He's going to be part of our team. He's going to be part of our family. And we'll go from there. This is the NBA. We'll keep the team where it needs to be. We'll not let outside things like that influence us on whether or not we pick the kid." 

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