The Suns got absolutely eclipsed in their home opener on Wednesday night, letting the Trail Blazers burn them by 48 points, 124-76. That's the biggest margin of defeat in the team's history, not to mention the worst opening-night loss in the NBA ... ever

But there was a single ray of light that shined through for Phoenix on opening night, and this is it:

Look at how all five Suns players on the floor pivot and start run down the court at the exact same time. It's nearly perfectly synchronized. It's beautiful. It's mesmerizing. I literally cannot stop watching it. 

Have you ever seen anything like it? Probably not. 

So while nobody has ever witnessed a team open their season by getting hammered as hard as the Suns did on Wednesday night, nobody has witnessed such harmony on a basketball court either. If basketball is poetry in motion, the Suns are basically Robert Frost ...or at least they were for about three seconds of a 48-minute game. As Frost himself once said: Nothing gold can stay.

They'll need to bottle up that chemistry and put it to work more often so they can avoid the whole "getting humiliated" thing.