There aren't a whole lot of mysteries in the career of Michael Jordan, which is what makes the ones that actually exist a subject of fascination among basketball fans, and, in this particular case, sneakerheads. A famous "what if?" moment in Jordan's career happened very early on when it came down to his signature shoe deal.

As a younger Jordan noted in his collegiate playing days at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, he was rather fond of Adidas as a brand. He enjoyed playing in them, and it sure seemed like he wanted to work with them for a shoe deal. Ultimately, it was his parents who made him listen to Nike's offer, and the rest became history as the partnership yielded one of the most famous signature sneaker lines in history.

But the question remains of what Jordan's shoes would have looked like had he spurned Nike for his original choice. Imagining such a world was made a little easier on Wednesday when an artist decided to put his spin on Jordan Brand shoes and design them as if they came from Adidas. The artist is named Eric Paullin and he posted these designs on Instagram.

The designs are conceptualized with a new version of the Jordan logo, which is now his silhouette from the 1988 NBA Dunk Contest. The mockups of several more of the sneakers that Jordan wore throughout his career can be found on a website that Paullin links to on his Instagram page.