NBA players will occasionally jump on Twitter to answer fans' questions about various subjects. With the NBA Draft approaching and trade rumors heating up, Dwight Howard decided to host a Q&A in which he addressed some of the proposed trades.

He probably didn't think that one of the trades he'd be asked about would involve ... Dwight Howard.

Just five minutes after Howard started fielding questions on Twitter, reports surfaced that he had been traded from the Atlanta Hawks to the Charlotte Hornets. Check out the timestamps:

8:55 p.m.:

9 p.m.:

Spears later corrected "Bobcats" to "Hornets," and details surfaced that Howard had been traded along with the 31st pick in Thursday's NBA Draft for Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli and the 41st pick. Fans, of course, had a field day with this info and bombarded Howard with comments about the trade.

Howard only answered one trade question (about Paul George, not himself) before ending in the Q&A, so it's safe to assume he wasn't informed that he was going to be traded before the report broke. It's just another reminder that in the social media age, sometimes the fans get the news at the same time as the players involved.