LeBron James has played in his fair share of important games. NBA Finals, NBA Finals while down 3-1, Olympic Games, All-Star Games, the list goes on. While his resume is full of major on-court performances, his biggest game, with his best team, is not in an NBA uniform.

The star of Space Jam: A New Legacy spoke about his upcoming film with the animated teammate's he's ever had, saying the action in the movie stands above all else.

James said:

"It's one of the biggest games, if not the biggest game, I've ever played in. The Goon Squad is probably the best team ever assembled in basketball history."

Sorry to the members of the Heatles, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and Anthony Davis, but you're no Goon Squad and it's about time you come to terms with that.

Fans have been treated to small teasers of James on set and the potential jersey design in the years of the movie's filming, but now we have official photos of what the production will look like.

Here's your first look:

We also see some of his cartoon costars in the official images from Entertainment Weekly.

Judging our first glance, the court and the color scheme seem to have a futuristic feel to them, which makes sense given the movie title.

James opened up about what filming was like. "It's definitely different from basketball. A lot of long days. I would go train around 3:30 a.m. for about two hours. And then I would go on set and start preparing. There were some days that would go into the wee hours of the night. You always had to be ready," he said.

Filming took place during the NBA off-season.

The movie is expected to hit theaters in July, and will also be streaming on HBO Max.