LOOK: Here's how some players responded to being snubbed for All-NBA teams

The league announced its All-NBA teams Thursday, and as always when it comes to listing players someone has to be left off the list. It comes with the job. Of course, that doesn't mean players have to agree with being left off of what many consider to be a list of the best players in the NBA. Some guys like Paul George even lost money because they didn't make the team. 

Most players stay quiet and express their frustration by working harder or telling the media that they felt disrespected. Draymond Green did as much for his teammate Klay Thompson saying it was ridiculous that Thompson got left off the All-NBA team.

However, a few players expressed their displeasure with the process through social media. Indirectly, of course. Karl-Anthony Towns voiced his displeasure through Snapchat and even threw out the disrespect card. Chris Paul chose to use Twitter and give a single emoji response. By itself it's vague, but in context of the All-NBA announcements it all makes sense.

There was one arguably snubbed player who didn't seem too worried about it. Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard responded to fans on Twitter saying that his snub wasn't surprising and everybody that made the team is deserving.

All-NBA is a huge honor, but it will soon be overshadowed by the regular-season awards show late in June. Once awards like MVP, Defensive Player of The Year and Sixth Man have been announced the All-NBA teams will be forgotten.

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