LOOK: Here's the real hero of the LeBron James-Knicks skirmish at MSG

The big story of the NBA on Monday night was LeBron James' brewing feud with the New York Knicks, which eventually materialized into a brief skirmish at Madison Square Garden. LeBron exchanged some words with Enes Kanter and Frank Ntilikina, and suddenly everyone's eyes were transfixed on a November contest between two middle-of-the-road Eastern Conference teams. That's the beauty of tension in sports.

Ntilikina and Kanter undoubtedly scored big points with Knicks fans after not backing down from LeBron, but they -- nor King James -- were the true winner of this altercation. 

No, that crown goes to this man in the crowd.

Is there a better or funnier way for a person to respond to an escalating situation than by popping up out of no where while shoving popcorn into their mouth? I suppose only if their face is plastered with a "this gon' be good" look, which this guy absolutely nailed.


That man likely dished out good money for those primo seats and, from the looks of things, he is getting exactly what he paid for. I really hope he enjoyed the show.

And if you think that this isn't going to be my go-to reaction for any mildly interesting storylines in the future, you are sadly mistaken.

LiAngelo Ball steals stuff in China?

 Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors?

NFL owners trying to take the Cowboys away from Jerry Jones?

The Knicks selling terrible Kristaps Porzingis hats?

It literally works for anything. We are all indebted to this man.

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