LOOK: Hornets unveil fan favorite classic uniforms, and the popular teal is back

The Hornets have one of the better uniform sets in the NBA. The teal and purple are beloved, but don't quite capture the nationwide appeal as their teal set from the 90s. Those were among the most popular jerseys ever.

Charlotte was well aware of this and when it was revealed that they would get to be one of the eight teams wearing classic unis this upcoming season, there was a lot of excitement. Would this be the return of a favorite uniform?

The wait is over. The Hornets unveiled their new classic set on their app and it's the wonderful teal and pinstripe away set Charlotte wore in the 90s.

This option made sense, because they're easily the most popular jerseys in franchise history. These unis helped kick off the rush of teal that took the NBA by storm in the 90s, but nobody did it better than Charlotte. The pinstripes look awesome. The shorts have a cool multicolored trim on them. Everything about these are great and they'll finally be available again. 

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