LOOK: Kobe Bryant remains a god in China

Kobe Bryant has made a push to be big in China over the past decade, realizing the huge marketing potential there, in tandem with Nike. He's expanding his brand in social media and his own design there, and this weekend he made his annual trip there. Turns out he's still, yup, a god there. 

Thank you Guangzhou #rise #muse

A photo posted by Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) onAug 2, 2015 at 12:27am PDT

Seriously, look at how popular this man is, via Nike: 

The Beatles have nothing on the Mamba in China. 

And he's bigger in China, too! Look, he's as tall as a building! 

Maybe the building is just small. Hmm ...

Everyone always seems so happy in these photos, Kobe included. It's like he's never been happier than among the people who worship him. I need people who worship me. 

"Let's all yell at once, really loud!"

This is the only one where it looks like Kobe is faking his happiness. This looks like "This is the last time I'm taking a photo with a selfie-stick, ever. I'm putting that in my next contract. A "No Selfie-Stick" clause."

"You're welcome."

HT: SLAMOnline

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