LOOK: Las Vegas has a WNBA team, and one minor-league baseball club isn't thrilled

The WNBA added another team to its family on Monday. With a crowd of onlookers, WNBA President Lisa Borders announced the newest addition to the league: The Vegas Aces. The Aces will be the second team added in as many years to the Sin City, and will play their games in the Mandalay Bay Events Center in 2018.

One Triple-A baseball team, however, is not thrilled with sharing their digs. The Reno Aces, an affiliate to the Arizona Diamondbacks, posted about the new addition.

Yes you did, Reno. First they come for your city, then they come for your name. Now all that Reno has is prospects. And the Aces didn't stop there. They'll give the team their "Aces" Twitter handle ... For a price.

The Aces were originally going to called the Vegas Stars, but ultimately decided on the more thematic name instead. The newbies have their handle covered though, thank you very much.

Now, they either need to play a basketball or baseball game to decide who the One True Ace will be. There can only be one. Two will enter, both will leave, but one will have their feelings hurt. Or they'll just learn to coexist, which is the most likely outcome.

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