It's Halloween, and NBA players are feeling the October chill. Karl-Anthony Towns rocked some spooky yet sweet custom Nikes to commemorate the holiday, showcasing the famous Friday the 13th slasher icon Jason Voorhees. Other NBA stars have already showed off their costumes, and they're actually pretty awesome. LeBron James went as Pennywise the Dancing Clown, featured in this year's remake of It. Stephen Curry came riding into Los Angeles as Jigsaw, the namesake of the latest installment of the Saw series.

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James was literally unrecognizable in his outfit, opting to completely black out his eyes. He probably incorporated The Deadlights somehow in the costume, but who knows. I just hope he was running around the party yelling "YOU'LL CHOKE, TOO!" at everyone he encountered.

Security might want to double check the known serial killer coming through their gate, but Curry just passed right on through. There was always something weirdly endearing about the tricycle-riding puppet, but it's more hilarious when you picture Curry's face under the mask.

Nobody loved it more than Draymond Green, however:

The crazy outfits and makeup are great, but it's hard to beat creative couple costumes. Nick Collison and Russell Westbrook might win best costume of the year, as they recreated Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes' White Men Can't Jump costumes earlier this month, nailing the 90s aesthetic. Westbrook might have just been wearing his regular Tuesday attire (it's hard to tell with Russ), and Collison decided to play along.

Isaiah Thomas also threw it back for his costume, going with Eazy-E's iconic NWA look.

Basically, every league needs to be more like the NBA. Things get weird. And weird is good.

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Silly. Billy gum drops

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