LOOK: Man breaks world record for consecutive NBA-distance threes in a minute with 31

There's a new world record holder for consecutive 3-pointers made in a minute. Andrew Miracola, a Michigander with a shooting stroke that will infuriate you, made 31 shots in a row from beyond an NBA arc, setting the record.

So, what does the record-holder for consecutive 3-pointers made in a minute's shot look like? Well ...

OK, so it's not pristine. But if it works it works, you have to respect that. Miracola definitely looks like the guy at the gym who you dismiss before he buries his first three triples and you have to step out on him.

Jokes aside, these types of records are tough to break. All it takes is one slip-up and it's back to 60 seconds on the stopwatch. There are a few elements at play, so keeping your poise on a timed record when you're nailing a shot once every two seconds is a crazy feat.

According to Toledo's WTOL, Miracola is a small-ball national champion (think the arcade basketball games but with a soft backboard), and his shot mimics that. If you've ever played small-ball (or its variant), you know how ridiculously hard that would be to mimic in a basketball shot. For all intents and purposes, he's a basketball pitching machine.

Seriously, check the elbow.

Whatever you think about his hooping ability, Miracola has one more basketball world record than most people. That's a pretty crazy feat in and of itself.

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