The Minnesota Timberwolves have long been eliminated from the postseason, but there was still a reason to show up during the last home game of the season. Unfortunately, they were getting blown out by the visiting Thunder on Tuesday night, but at halftime the franchise unveiled its new logo.

The logo was unveiled at the end of a video package, that, for a video unveiling a new logo, was extremely inspiring. I am not from Minnesota (Minnesota and Wisconsin are two different places, OK!), but I was pretty pumped up after this video ended. 

Here’s a close-up look at the new look. The big change, aside from a slight color adjustment, and the different design of the wolf itself, is that instead of a front-facing, snarling wolf, this new look has the wolf in profile, howling at the moon.

Per the team’s press release:

“The logo includes a wolf head shown howling, the act of which is the glue that keeps wolf packs together. A wolf howl is used to warn outsiders to stay away, to communicate with the pack, or as a rally cry to reinforce bonds with family.”

Makes sense to me. 

After reading the press release, it’s pretty impressive how much thought goes into even the most minute details of the design. I do like the new howling wolf as opposed to the snarling, angry one, and the colors are solid. I’m going to give the Wolves 8/10. It is a very nice new logo.