NBA games will look a lot different next season, as the league has major uniform changes planned once they begin their partnership with Nike.

One of the big changes in store is that the league is doing away with the traditional home and away designations, so expect to see plenty of color vs. color uniform matchups next season. Overall, each team will have at least four jerseys. Each team will then pick which set they would want to wear at home. The road team can then wear any of their jerseys that are a different color. Eight teams will be awarded with an additional fifth "Classic" uniform set. Via

"Coinciding with the introduction of the new uniforms, the NBA is eliminating its "Home" and "Road" uniform designations. Beginning with the 2017-18 season, home teams will pick which of their uniforms will be worn at all home games and visiting teams will choose a contrasting uniform within their own assortment."

These are the four different jersey types:

In addition, Nike made some changes to the design of the uniforms which they hope will lead to improved performance. 

Nike tuned the uniform design to the rigors of the league's increasingly intense 82-game season by employing 3D-body maps of players, including heat and sweat maps. This research led Nike's designers to make significant changes to the weight, fit and construction of the uniforms — paying special attention to enabling agility.

The most significant change comes to the back shoulder of the uniform where Nike designers altered the construction for a vastly improved fit. Additionally, the hemlines on the bottom of both the jersey and shorts were modified to allow for full range of motion.

Here, for example, is the Warriors' new "Association" jersey under the Nike template.

The Warriors' new 'Association' jersey

Additioinally, the Kings have released a few of their new jerseys.

This is a neat little wrinkle by the league, and it should be interesting to see what changes there are for each team's new look -- especially the "athlete's mindset" and "community" jerseys, each of which sound like they could lead to some awesome designs. Until we actually see what all of the new jerseys look like, however, it's hard to really have too many thoughts beyond the idea being cool.