LOOK: New Cavaliers Nike jersey leaked on Twitter, and they're getting mixed reviews

If everything on social media is true, the world would be a wild, wild place. But a Twitter user dropped a photo of what appears to be the Cleveland Cavaliers new Nike uniforms on Tuesday, and now we can't help but speculate that it might just be real.

Here's the leaked photo that spread across the interwebs:

Is this real? Nike and its new NBA uniforms were slated for a full launch later this fall, but this photo -- which has the traditional wine-red and a thick waistband accentuated by Cleveland's blue and gold -- sure looks like it could pass for a soft launch. Not to mention, the number font matches what Conrad Burry of SportsLogos reported last Friday.  

If this truly is Cleveland's new uniform, the internet has mixed reviews about it.

If these are in fact the new digs for Cleveland next season, they seem to have captured a much more modernized look. But right now there's mixed reviews in the NBA world about these new uniforms, which Cleveland has still not acknowledged as being authentic or not.

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