Nike has unveiled new NBA Classic Edition uniforms in honor of the league's 75th anniversary season. The uniforms will honor the Boston Celtics, New York Knicks, and Golden State Warriors, who are three of the original NBA franchises. On Aug. 3, 1949, the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League merged in order to become the NBA.

Let's take a look at the new threads for each team:

Golden State Warriors


The Warriors uniforms will be worn throughout the 2021-22 NBA season and features a blue jersey with blue shorts along with yellow and red trim and red and white numbers. The Golden State Warriors were originally known as the Philadelphia Warriors. These uniforms are very similar to what the Warriors wore during the 1961-62 NBA season. This turned out to be the final season that the Warriors would play in Philadelphia before moving to the Bay Area. 

The big change was altering the original "PHILA" text on the front of the jersey to say "Warriors" instead.

The 1961-62 season also happened when Wilt Chamberlain scored the only 100-point game in league history. While wearing the white version of this designed uniform, Chamberlain accomplished the remarkable feat in a 1962 game against the New York Knicks in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Here's a look at their teaser vid:

Boston Celtics


The Celtics uniforms are very similar to what the team wore back in 1946. Both the "Celtics" script and number are green while there is also a shiny finish on the graphics throughout the uniform.

In addition, the shorts feature a white four-leaf clover that lays on top of a shiny green background.

New York Knicks


The Knicks uniforms feature the classic words "New York" on the front of the jersey with the dark blue numbers. The original 1946 jersey also had larger-scale numbers, which the 2021-22 version does as well.

Here's a closer look at all of the aspects of the Knicks' Classic Edition threads:

While these Classic Edition uniforms are limited to just the Celtics, Knicks, and Warriors, the NBA will be implementing 75th anniversary branding onto several items of on-court apparel for many of the league's teams.

The 2021-22 season will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 19, and the league is expected to name its 75 greatest players as part of its celebratory plans.