LOOK: Reggie Miller blasts Knicks owner James Dolan, president Phil Jackson

Even in retirement, Reggie Miller is still killing the New York Knicks. The former Indiana Pacers star and current TNT analyst fired off a tweet Thursday aimed directly at Knicks owner James Dolan and president Phil Jackson, and, well, ouch. Look at this tweet:

If you're somehow unaware of the context here, allow me to explain:

  • Former Knicks great Charles Oakley has been critical of the team (and Dolan in particular) in recent seasons, which has led to him being essentially blackballed by the organization, a fact that has reportedly bothered him more this season because the club has celebrated its 70th anniversary by parading former players onto the court to receive standing ovations. Oakley bought a ticket to Wednesday's game, may or may not have heckled Dolan from his seat and was ejected by Madison Square Garden security, then arrested. Oakley blamed Dolan for the whole thing, while the team issued multiple statements criticizing Oakley's "abusive behavior." Oakley remains beloved among New York fans. On TNT's broadcast of the Cleveland Cavaliers-Oklahoma City Thunder game on Thursday, Miller reiterated his point, comparing it to if Pacers owner Herb Simon had a feud with Antonio Davis and Dale Davis.
  • The alleged backstabber in question is obviously Knicks president Phil Jackson, who appears to be trying to run star forward Carmelo Anthony out of town after signing him to a near-max contract with a no-trade clause in the summer of 2014. Anthony has repeatedly said he wants to stay and focus on winning in New York, but acknowledges that all of the off-the-court stuff has been "mentally draining." Miller spent his entire career in Indiana, and it sounds like he thinks franchise players shouldn't have to worry about anybody in management playing mind games or creating distractions.

Miller is far from the only person criticizing the Knicks these days. His old buddy Spike Lee is willing to "pack Phil's bags for him," and Anthony's friends LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul all went out of their way to take Oakley's side after Wednesday's incident.

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