LOOK: Sam Hinkie's tenure in Philadelphia lives on in billboard form

Former Philadelphia 76ers GM Sam Hinkie was a divisive figure in his time with the Sixers. His approach to what others would come to call "The Process," the systemic rebuilding process that resulted in one of the worst three-year stretches for any franchise in sports (on purpose), was wildly criticized by media, pundits, and even his peers in the industry. However, a significant portion of fans in Philadelphia loved him for his willingness to try and drag the team from the depths of mediocrity and into a championship light by any means necessary. 

With Hinkie having resigned earlier this month amid changes to the organization that began earlier this year with the hiring of Jerry Colangelo (under pressure from Adam Silver), those fans decided to pay homage to what Hinkie attempted ... and they did so for those that drive by the Sixers' arena. 

The fans weren't just disappointed with Hinkie's departure, they were outright revolted with the team's decision to move forward with Colangelo. Colangelo's son, Bryan, moved into the GM role last week, though Jerry claimed that he did not have any part in the hiring of his son (Which makes no sense at all and which no one believes under any circumstances, but sure).

Maybe the move to bring Colangelo to power will be the right one, and the team will reach contending status with his way. But they're going to have to prove it to fans, who feel betrayed by abandoning this philosophy that they had fully come to embrace.

For more on the Sixers and Hinkie, read James Herbert on how Philly fans are "Mourning the Process."

Sam Hinkie's Philly tenure lives on in... in billboard form.  (Derek Bodner)
Sam Hinkie's Philly tenure lives on ... in billboard form. (Derek Bodner)

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