The cupcake trolls are back for Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City, even before a game where he’s not playing. After a plethora of cupcake-related nonsense in the first meeting between the Warriors and Thunder in February, the Oklahoma City fans took the trolling to a new level in Monday night’s matchup with Durant still nursing and injured knee. 

Now, to me, that’s over the line. You’re openly mocking an injured player. Not a player’s weakness, or inability, but him getting hurt while playing the game. That seems too far. 

Which is why I was surprised that the TNT “Players Only” crew all thought it was inbounds. Chris Webber, who had many injuries in his NBA career, said it was just part of the game, and Isaiah Thomas and Baron Davis agreed. They didn’t have any issue with it, and in fact questioned why anyone would be offended, with Webber saying people are “too sensitive.” 

Either way, as much as the Thunder have tried to be respectful of Durant’s time in OKC, regardless of what reports indicate the Warriors think, allowing that costume to not only be at the game, but down on the floor, shows that they still want to try and get in Durant’s head. The bad blood isn’t going away anytime soon.