LOOK: Trail Blazers unveil their new jerseys for next season after switch to Nike

The Portland Trail Blazers are the latest team to unveil their new look for next season as the NBA switches to Nike jerseys

If you aren't paying close attention, however, you probably won't even notice the difference when they step out onto the floor for opening night. The team ran a focus group with fans to gather thoughts and ideas about changes to their kits, and it quickly became clear that people wanted the team's classic look to stay the same. Via Blazers.com:

"We decided to go through a pretty extensive brand audit that included looking at our identity," said Ryan Flaherty, Vice President of Brand Strategy for the Trail Blazers. "We went out and did multiple focus groups with a couple hundred fans, the fans ranged from 17 to 70. Old school, been here in the region forever to new school transplants, Blazermaniacs, season ticket holders, people at every game, people that have never been to a game but are still casual fans. Kind of spanned the entire group, and within those focus groups we really concentrated on the new logo — is it worth changing, is it worth updating — as well as our uniforms. With those groups we asked them tons and tons of questions and got their feedback."

The overwhelming sentiment? Keep the look, at least for the standard uniforms, relatively unchanged.

The main change people will pick up on in terms of style, is the different font, as you'll see that the Blazers went away from the slanted, italicized lettering, opting instead for a straighter look on the new jerseys.

The Trail Blazers new "Association" jerseys NBA.com/Blazers

But as for changes that are specific to Portland's uniforms, the most obvious change are to the wordmarks numbering. The serfs or "wings" on the letters have been removed from all but the "B" in "Blazers" on the "Association" edition and the "P" in "Portland on the "Icon" edition. What's more, the italicized lettering was one of the few dynamic changes fans wanted to see, so the team straighten the font, resulting in a cleaner look.

"I think fans, by and large for the most part, wanted us to move away from italics," said Hankins. "It seemed to place us in a certain creative timeline that we were no longer in. That was the one that was really loud and clear."

I personally thought the italicized font on the Blazers' jerseys was a nice unique touch, but even still the Blazers have one of the best looks in the league, and that won't change next season. 

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