LOOK: Warriors' Kevin Durant took on his Twitter critics, and things got heated

After winning his first NBA title with the Warriors, Kevin Durant has received a steady stream of criticism for joining Golden State last offseason rather than trying to beat them with another team.

Durant sporadically addressed his critics throughout the season, but on Sunday he decided to take on any and all comers via Twitter, and things got pretty entertaining. Here are some of Durant's best replies:

Durant explained that he was on a plane with WiFi and had nothing to do, so that's why he started going through his mentions. He stayed pretty calm throughout, despite some pretty severe personal attacks. Check out his timeline for the full conversation, including some NSFW ones we couldn't use here.

People will continue to have their opinions about Durant and he probably won't be able to change them, but it appears like KD is perfectly content with the way things worked out and isn't afraid to meet his challengers on social media.

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