Stephen Curry might be one of the most popular athletes on the planet, but so far his shoes have not been treated the same way. Curry has released a handful of shoes with Under Armour and they're usually an easy joke for the internet. The "Chef Curry" all-white shoes were ridiculed mercilessly last summer and he had another pair get equally roasted in April

Shoes so far just haven't been Curry's game, but he may have finally hit on a winner with the Curry 4 he stylishly revealed Thursday during warmups before Game 1 of the NBA Finals. 

These aren't perfect, but they're definitely an improvement over the last few pairs of Curry's to be released so far. The Gold SC looks like the SportsCenter logo, which is a downgrade, but the rest is solid. The soles match the dot design that is spread out across the bottom. The laces look nice and, while I'm personally not a fan, the holes on the front of the shoe look good. It's not a must get, but these should be much easier to market. 

Revealing these in warmups was a genius marketing move on Curry's part. Everybody wanted a look at them as soon as he started to put them on and now he's going to play in an NBA Finals game with them on. If he goes off for a big night then this could be an easy sell in commercials.