Shooting contests have become a staple of in-game entertainment around NBA arenas, but rarely are they as lucrative as the one the Los Angeles Lakers hosted on Sunday night, when a fan won a cool $100,000 for hitting a half-court shot during a break in their game against the Detroit Pistons

After the third quarter, the lights dimmed at Staples Center, and the fan was handed a basketball and a chance to change his life. As a drum roll sounded, he took a few dribbles to settle himself, then strode up to the line and let it fly. Landing in a crouch, he hovered there for a second as the ball flew toward the rim, then exploded with joy as it sunk through the net. 

The crowd erupted as he danced around with glee, and he was handed a giant novelty check made out to the tune of $100,000 -- a life-changing sum for just about everyone besides the players on the court Sunday night. 

What he didn't get was a bear hug from LeBron James, who famously celebrated with a Miami Heat fan who won $75,000 on a similar shot a few years back. 

Coincidentally, a Lakers fan also hit the jackpot shot for $100,000 last January, so if you're good at half-court shots, you might want to plan a trip to Los Angeles for this time next year. That could be your big chance. 

Speaking of big chances, maybe the Lakers should consider signing this guy. Checking in at No. 18 in the league in 3-point percentage, they need all the help they can get with outside shooting. Forget looking for trades, they've already got a ringer in the arena.